Having Your Cake and Eating It

One of the recent trends in wedding eats, which I approve of heartily, is having a dessert table laden with sweet treats for your guests to enjoy (and keep on enjoying as the afternoon or evening progresses). This can take the place of a cake, or be as well as a cake, or even instead of an evening buffet.  A vision of bounty, overflowing with pick your own treats, guests can fill up with as much or as little as they like. Or take a few extra mouthfuls later when no-one is looking!

From a vintage wardrobe, to old-fashioned cider crates, or retro fruit pallets covered in picnic rugs and patchwork quilts, presentation of your table is as unusual or unique as you are. From a Mad Hatter’s Tea to a picnic in the country, the look and taste can fit in with the theme of your day. Even the decoration of the sweet treats effectively reflects the colour palette of the wedding.

The chance to eat as many sweet things as you like often evokes memories of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and brings out the big kid in most adults. And what better day to have a bit of fun than your wedding day.

I specialise in dessert tables – they’re one of my favourite things to cook. So if you fancy a selection of sweet treats, a platter full of pies, or a truck laden with tarts, why not get in touch and I will arrange a sample session for you, free of charge.


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