Try Before You Buy

The decision to ask someone to make the food for your wedding is probably one of the biggest that you will make about your entire day, and not one that you will undertake lightly. If, like me, your appetite guides most of your daily activities, which seem to revolve around either cooking, eating or planning the next meal, then you can count this doubly or triply so for your wedding day.

The food needs to reflect your personalities as individuals and as a couple, it needs to nourish and sustain everyone, and most importantly it needs to be utterly delicious.

So, out of the vast array of caterers out there, how do you start? Well, I decided to put myself in the position of bride to be, and knew that it would be very important to me to sample my caterer’s food, and meet them in person to make sure they understood my exact requirements.

I like to meet all my potential brides and grooms, and invite them into my home to eat the dishes I have prepared from their bespoke menus. I don’t charge for this service, as I think it’s important for people to relax and not feel pressurised. Hopefully, my clients feel that they’ve come to a friend’s house, and feel comfortable and relaxed – and of course leave feeling very full!

It’s also a great chance to make any tweaks to the menu to make sure that they are completely happy with the dishes – more or less salt or spice for instance, to reflect their particular tastes.

Hopefully the photos below will whet your appetite, and if you’re planning your wedding, why not book a free sample session, under no obligation.

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