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Recipe featured in Guardian Cook November 2013

The Guardian – Cook Supplement – recipe featured in How to Make the Perfect Sponge – November 2013


Guardian Cook August 2013

The Guardian – Cook Supplement – recipe featured in Top Ten Lunchbox Fillers August 2013


Brighton Bakes Recipe in Stylist Magazine

Stylist Magazine – recipe featured, week of 23rd April 2013


Bookseller Brighton Bakes Review

Bookseller – March 2013 non-fiction pick


Brighton Foodies Fest

Foodies festival programmes – recipe extracts Brighton and London


Cookery Creations Article in Brighton Argus

Cookery Creations, Brighton Argus, Seven Days – April 2013

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Also featured in

  • Homemaker magazine, April 2013
  • Sweet Magazine, June 2013
  • Baking Heaven, Summer 2013
  • Cupcake Heaven
  • Primary Times West Sussex edition, Spring 2013
  • Sindy Loves Vintage
  • Culinaria Libris – Top 5 cookbooks for Spring 2013

Luscious compendium

Luscious compendium of cakes inspired by the bustling city of Brighton

The Guardian

Colourful pick-me-up in cookbook form

A colourful spring pick-me-up in cookbook form, there's a great balance of old-school favourites and more adventurous combinations.

Olive magazine, May 2013

Delectable book of recipes

Delectable book of recipes from a caterer who supplies cakes and bakes to many well-known cafes in Brighton.

Bookseller Magazine, March 2013 Non-Fiction pick

Baking as a magical alchemy

interesting and new flavour combinations whilst reviving wonderful floral infusions from Brighton s glorious Victorian past. Jessica Haggerty is particularly inspiring in conjuring up the feel of baking as a magical alchemy where anything can be possible and inventiveness is king.

Clandestine Cake Club

Inspiring recipe collection

An inspiring recipe collection for every occasion...Her quirky recipes and the book's sumptuous photography are sure to have you salivating long before lunch.

Sussex Life Feature, August 2013

Joyful, colourful and celebratory

This book is fun, joyful, colourful and celebratory – there are plenty of completely unique ideas in here.

The Foodie Bugle

Beautifully illustrated

What a beautifully illustrated, easy to follow recipe book to add to your collection

Novel Café

Delicious bakes

Luscious collection of delicious bakes.

Heart and Home Magazine

Lovely, vibrant book

A lovely, vibrant book, gorgeous photography and comes with that brighton buzz and eccentricity.

Gelsominas Cucina

Funky as Brighton

Every bit as funky as Brighton itself